Brief information
First appearance: Book One
Tamer: Ai and Mako Terada
Status: Alive
Attribute: Data
Level: Rookie
Family: Unknown
Type: Unknown
Baby level: Unknown
In-training level: Yaamon
Rookie level: Impmon
Armour level 1: None
Armour level 2: None
Armour level 3: None
Champion level: None
Ultimate level 1: None
Ultimate level 2: None
Mega level 1: Beelzemon
Mega level 2: Beelzemon Blast Mode
Mega level 3: None
Other level: None

Yaamon is Impmon's In-Training form. The name comes from the Japanese word 'yancha' meaning 'mischevious'.


Book OneEdit


Impmon (Yaamon) in In-Training Level

Impmon de-digivolves into this form shortly after the D-Reaper is destroyed, thus the events of Book One beginning.