Tentomon appears like a ladybug. He has six legs in total, the front being long arms with grey claws at the end. He has large, green eyes and two yellow antennae reaching out from his head. His wing-case is covered with grey spines. His mouth never seems to move when he talks. He is the partner to Izzy.


Tentomon first appears in Digimon Adventure when Motimon Digivolved into Tentomon to protect Izzy from a Kuwagamon. Tentomon admires his partner, Izzy, greatly for his curiosity and intelligence. Tentomon himself is a precocious and witty Digimon who displays intelligence and wit to match his human partner. Tentomon became friendly with Izzy's family during the battle with Myotismon in the First Season.

He first became Kabuterimon when he freed Andromon from the power of the Black Gear and reached his ultimate form, Izzy and Kabuterimon faced Vademon. MegaKabuterimon was also involved in several battles against Myotismon's henchmen and later, Myotismon himself. MegaKabuterimon seems to have a large amount of power despite his level, seeing as he was able to destroy an entire planet that Vademon threw at him in their fight. This power was also shown in the fight against LadyDevimon, when her Black Wing attack failed when it hit MegaKabuterimon's shell.

He eventually gains the power to Biomerge with Izzy to form his mega form, Raijinmon in Book Four. Tentomon and his partner continue to be a valuable addition to the tamers, even as their numbers grow.