Suzie Wong
Suzie Wong
Brief information
First appearance: Digimon Tamers
Partner: Lopmon
Status: Alive
Date of birth: Unknown

Suzie Wong is the youngest daughter of four children in the Wong family, daughter to Henry Wong and a fellow Tamer, her partner being Lopmon. Like her brother she is half-Chinese (from her father's side) and half-Japanese (from her mother's side).

Appearance Edit

Digimon Tamers Edit

In the beginning of the series, she was seen as Henry's younger and ditzy sister who loved to play with Henry's toy (actually being Terriermon, and still doing so after he was found his existance as a Digimon). She initially remained in the real world, whilst Henry and his friends went to rescue Calumon in the Digital World, until she was sucked by a portal in the midst of a fog in the playground in the Shinjuku Park.

After entering she befriends with Antylamon who guarded the South gate for the Sovereign, Zhuqiamon. But after defeating a Makuramon and protecting Suzie from it, Antylamon was dedigivolved into its rookie form, Lopmon and thus Suzie became partners with Lopmon.

Suzie remains carefree and innocent as always even with the D-reaper destroying everything in Shinjuku and further form that. only when Lopmon told her the seriousness of the situation, was when she joined forces with Lopmon to help the other Tamers defeat the D-Reaper. She gets devastated after losing Lopmon, but was happy once her partner returned.

Dimensions Edit

After getting her fellow partner back, Suzie gains maturity and reveals herself as an active Tamer, along with all the others. Having fought in most of the battles, and the most important ones, as well, she has let go of her childish personality and gained experience as a Tamer.