This page contains details of speculations on things that could happen/are happening/happened in Dimensions. Naturally, they aren't going to be confirmed/denied, but it's a place to see whether others are having the same thoughts (and for me to see what kind of ideas people have about the fic). - User:Blazing Chaos

Note: These are only speculations and will change depending on whether or not new chapters released by Blazing Chaos contradict them.

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Speculation by Digi9346 Edit

This is purely speculation by myself, and in due time, others. Most of my speculation will be supported by evidence, but there will be those that aren't (natually). - Digi9346

Current Edit

Book Seven: Escapes - Chapter 17 Edit

Hmm... it seems that the world that the fic has revolved around for so long has been implied to be fake, part of only Ryder's imagination. Not real. A dream in a coma. Something to wake up from. That everything that has passed meant nothing but someone's mind playing tricks.

Well this is certainly irritating.

But the question will be whether that is true or not. What is the Escape that Book Seven is named for? Is it the escape from reality? Ryder's true world? Or is it the escape from the world of a dream? Which is the true escape?

Is the world where Goddramon is the creator true? Is it real? Does it truly exist?

Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn't. Another question would be whether the Donmon in the world of Angels and Demons is real. Is this Donmon just a figment of Ryder's imagination? Like the rest of that world is supposed to be? Is the only real Donmon in Ivy's world?

Questions questions and more questions. Which is the Escape? Who is Escaping? From what? From who?

Ow, the mystical talk is giving me a headache...

Here's a thought, what if neither world are real? What if Chaos and Harmony are just projections of the opposing sides of Goddramon into one of these worlds, whom is watching all of these events unfold as some form of entertainment or test of what humanity is capable of? Wow, that was kind of philosophical of me... --Chaos Blademaster 07:12, 23 June 2009 (UTC)

Previous Edit

Book Seven: Escapes - Chapter 12 Edit

Well, it indeed has been a long time since I have officially speculated. I haven't been updating this page much... the last date stated November last year. Ouch.

Anyways, all the chapters of Book Seven seem centered basically on the reactions and actions of the Tamers when faced with the prospect that they had been labelled enemies of state and, in a sense, betrayed. Not surprising that in all the shock not one of them thought of Rayleigh being the betrayer, as the shock of being enemies of state and seeing the fake Sakuyamon kill the poor Prime Minister has its effects.

But I am beginning to wonder. So far, all of the chapters have either ended with the Tamer running from the authorities or meeting a surprise. And, all the Tamers have basically reacted the same way. Shock/Surprise, then horror, and finally a desperate need to get out of there asap. However, what will happen if someone reacted differently? Maybe stay rooted to the ground and simply gape? Or maybe that person got the news too late and was captured? This will add a nice new twist to what is fast becoming a monotonous fic (despite all the action).

Also, so far, none of the chapters have shown the hideout, only leaving it being the place that everyone will flock to after Izzy's mail. Question is, will Guilmon be there, eatting his bread, totally unaware? Or will he be there growling, waiting for trouble? Or will he not be there at all?

This is important, for it determines the next thing. If Izzy had sent out an SOS, there's a high chance that Rayleight had intercepted it or at least gotten some wind of it. Will he be there, waiting for them in an ambush? Surely, being as smart as he is (even with the foolish gloating at Hypnos), he would know that the Digital World will be the one place that he cannot reach them and strive to sercure the portal. Or will he let them go... on purpose, using their absense to fan sparks into flames and awaiting their return? Will he stop them from going? Is it a trap? So much to consider...

Furthermore, what of those that would have been captured (it is inevitable that someone does... or there'll be something wrong)? Or those who couldn't reach there in time? What will happen to them? And if the others managed to go to the Digital World, they have been out of practice at surviving in its harsh terrain, as it is years since their last visit. Also, what about the former Digidestined? How will they feel knowing that the Digital World that they would be going to will not be the one that they knew so well, despite the years? How would they feel seeing it, and knowing that there was a chance once that it could have ended up like theirs, or that theirs could have ended up like this?

Ah, so many questions... and one who holds all the answers. Alas, like a futureteller, he speaks in naught but riddles.

Keep in mind that Sakuyamon's apparent doppelganger may be someone who just looks similar to her. I voiced my suspicions to B.C. back right about the beginning of the Book that it could, in fact, be Rei. You could probably guess his annoyingly teasing response. --Chaos Blademaster 17:35, 20 May 2009 (UTC)
Well, I believe, after reading the first chapter, that it is most likely a Biomerged Digimon that murdered the PM. After all, he/she had two voices... though I believe that the one who did it was the Biomerged form of Rayleigh. He has the purpose after all. And Rayleigh could just have edited the video a little to make it look like Sakuyamon.
But now that I think about it, there's always the chance for it to be yet another Digimon, though the chances aren't all that high in my opinion. - Digi9346 - Your destruction is inevitable... 12:49, 21 May 2009 (UTC)

Extra Dimensions - Chapter 7 Edit

Ah... more mystery...

Now, BC has given us scenes of Ryder's friends and crush back in his old world. Unfortunately, they still do not explain some things I have discovered.

One for example is how BC referred to Ivy's apparent ability to be able send things (not to mention herself) to the Cataclysm World... and only have a headache. Not bad at all. It seems though, that there are two ways to send things... one of them apparently relating to the computer somehow.

And now, Daemon's mention of her making a deal with another devil already (as I have referred to before), have spiked my interest. Furthermore, it seems that this 'devil' is important enough of a secret to make 'Devil May Care' become Ivy's theme song...

Moving softly,
Arms around me,
Take me to the place I want to go

To me, this part of the song particularly stands out. The first bit says about how Ivy is being brought to the Cataclysm World by the 'Devil' apparently. This may explain Ivy's apparently extraordinary ability to transcend the worlds at will. Also, I have reason to believe that her partner Lunamon has no idea what her partner has been doing with her free time (it certainly fits Lunamon's confusion...), although this is most certainly speculation, it kinda agrees with the next part of the song.

Close your eyes and
Believe my lies
Take from everything to have it all

This part of the song is clear... though I think it has multiple meanings. One example is how I believe that not only Ivy is 'closing her eyes and believing [someone's] lies', but also how everyone around her is also 'closing their eyes and believing Ivy's lies'.

You feel it
You breathe it
And one day you'll believe it
You never see the face before
Devil may care

This appears to also have multiple meanings. One, of course, refers directly to how Ivy truly believes that she will be able to bring Ryder back by her own (or the 'Devil's') power, after 'feeling it, breathing it, and believing it'. Also, it is also perhaps relating to how Ivy is being manipulated by the 'Devil', as he will make her believe that everything that she was doing was for bringing Ryder back... and then he will pull a twist...

Also, the fact about 'You never see the face before' is clear. Ivy has never even seen the face of her 'Devil' before... that much is clear at the moment, or at least she doesn't know that she has seen the face of the 'Devil'.

Say my name
Play my game
And one day you'll go insane
You never see in the face before
Devil may care

This is another line that gives me the impression that they way that Ivy goes to the other world is through saying the 'Devil's' name (or chanting it maybe). Also, it is clear that she is playing into the game of many an enemy. And at the rate she's going, the traveling between worlds and all, she is probably going to go insane too.

It's hard to breathe
Down on my knees
Fight against the waves that keep me down

Chasing your ghosts
Loving you most
Screaming till I feel my heart explode

This one I don't have to say. She is fighting the 'waves', which is the possibility that Ryder was never going to go back, and her grief. The first two lines merely describe her difficulty.

The other one is also clear as day, with her chasing the 'ghost' that is Ryder...

You try to run away I'll track you down
There's no way you can escape me

This one also appears to have multiple meanings. One is how Ivy is tracking down Ryder. The other is how the 'Devil' will always be tracking Ivy, no matter where she runs,'there's no way she can escape him'.

Have you considered the possibility that Milleniummon is the "Devil" that Ivy has previously made a deal with? This thought occurred to me as I read this new section. --Chaos Blademaster 06:28, 20 January 2009 (IST)
Not really. It struck me that Millenniummon would likely stay in the same dimension that Ryo's in... besides, Millenniummon is supposedly stuck in Cyberdramon's body. - Digi9346 08:09, 20 January 2009 (IST)

Book Six: Tricks - Chapter 58 Edit

Davis/Kari/Takeru Love Triangle? Edit

I believe he has said in the interview that adding 'an unnecessary element that would jar against the flow of the plot' (in other words love triangles... or just one in particular, which gives room for this section) would be unlikely to be considered. But seeing how Kari chose to call Takeru instead of Tai... well, we'll leave that hanging in the air.

I think I am not the only one seeing this, but tiny hints have been scattered over Book Six, such as Takeru not exactly being comfortable during the flight...

Then again, if the above speculation is correct... Catherine may be entering the picture as Takeru's new sweetheart (how sweet... and how ironic). - 04/08/08


Well, this chapter has further hinted to this new development. Much passed this chapter. I would include the part about Kari kissing Takeru and him frowning after as part of it, but it would be typical response for a best friend. However...

To quote:

There was a moment's silence, the reason for which only known to the blonde, before Davis put his hand out. “See you tomorrow then,” he said, his voice ignorant of the subtleties flying about.

Takeru looked over, wondering if his friend was really that dense or if he actually knew more than he let on. With Davis, it was rather hard to tell. He nodded, a slim smile on his face as he shook Davis' hand. He turned, heading towards a nearby large tower block, whilst Davis headed back to his own.

Okay, for this portion here, there are a whole lot of hints at what Takeru is feeling, but never put outright. There is tension between Takeru and Davis, but only Takeru notices, which is kinda why he wondered about whether Davis was 'really that dense'.'

Still, it is possible that Davis noticed it subconsciously, but had his mind on his 'Angelhood', his survival of the fall with no injuries.

And further more:

So much pain, so much horror from seeing his allies at each other's throats, but right now, his mind was stuck on something else, or rather, someone he knew he didn't want to think about.


Sighing, he began to ascend the stairway.

B.C. couldn't have made it clearer than literally shoving it right in our faces.

Doubts Edit

Like I said before (I think), doubts are popping up everywhere in everyone. The only evidence that is needed is all the 'I hopes' (Yep, definitely said it in the review). But it is these kinds of things that Rayleigh will exploit on. Though I don't really know how...

But that doesn't mean I can't speculate:

  • Rayleigh can quite possibly use this against the Tamers as they will be more wary of newcomers... like Sakura. Since Sakura's D-Vice is gray, there may be a possibility of her being a Demon, a very high one at that seeing how Kari is the Fourth Angel. But there is also the possibility of her actually being a good guy and not a Demon at all... or a Demon who wants to be a good guy (for real). If ChaosBlademaster is right and the next Demon is the Demon of Corruption... well... it is obvious.

But were Sakura really a good guy with the cursed gray D-Vice, the Tamers will definitely be a lot more cautious of her when (not if, when) she joins the group. This isolation from the others can maybe spark the... uh... initial spark that leads to the fire. In short, she may turn 'Corrupt' due to this.

... Talk about wild speculation...

Prepare to be very surprised. --Blazing Chaos 05:16, 4 October 2008 (EDT)
It is nice to know that my speculation on future Demons is actually being paid attention to by people other than B.C. Not only that, but you appear to agree with my take on Sakura. I had not even considered how she might become 'Corrupt,' but it definitely seems probable. Although, with B.C.'s tendency to throw in unexpected circumstances, I am unsure what to think. --Chaos Blademaster 20:13, 4 October 2008 (EDT)
You see my friend, this is why people like myself have a love/hate relationship with people like B.C. (okay, is it just me or is everything I try to say coming out all wrong?...). That is why I have so many speculations, but half of them don't even make sense. You are only unsure of what to think, while I here have a very bad headache. :D
Let's say it together! We all hate B.C.!!! (offence intended) - Digi9346 00:12, 5 October 2008 (EDT)
Oh thanks. *huffs and rolls eyes*. =D
TWENTYNINE is going to have an interesting future, I can tell you that. Her path to Demonhood...well, let's just say it's an unlucky one and leaves our heroes to blame. --Blazing Chaos 05:48, 5 October 2008 (EDT)
Am I the only one that noticed that B.C. adtually spoiled us? --Krow Blood December 13, EDT Hour Unknown
Yes, but we don't say it so that B.C. might possibly not notice or forget and leak more. After all, he is technically leaky already. We just want to exploit the leak. :D - Digi9346 13:55, 14 December 2008 (EST)
I'm quite sure that after me and you, he's already noticed >_>U--Krow Blood December 17, EDT Hour Unknown
Noticed what? I don't see any spoilers. ;P --Blazing Chaos 13:45, 18 December 2008 (EST)
Yup, he noticed and Edited, good that WE already know *Evil laugh* --Krow Blood December 22, EDT Hour Unknown

Comments by B.C. Edit

It's more that their minds are telling them to kill the one they love. Of course, there's the inherent thing, it means only the one they love, and apart from that they're their usual selves. --Blazing Chaos 11:56, 25 July 2008 (EDT)

Possible Angels Edit

3rd Angel of Knowledge: Henry Wong Edit

It is confirmed that Henry Wong is the Third Angel of Knowledge

4th Angel of Light: Hikari "Kari" Kamiya Edit

  • Owner of the Crest of Light
  • Owner of the DigiEgg of Light
  • Appeared in the reflection of the blue pool which seems to show the current incarnations of Chaos and the Angels that was in Book Two: Powers, Chapter 7.
  • She along with Davis survived an impossible fall in Book Four: Gods, Chapter
  • Rey says it is a 'her' in Book Five: Demons, Chapter 21
  • Has a dream similar to Ryder in Book Six: Tricks, Chapter 14 (Ryder's in Book Four: Gods, Chapter 10)
  • In Book Six: Tricks, Chapter 16, Kari doubts herself and does not share it with her friends at first, though TK noted that that was not usually her as she was an open person with her troubles
  • In the same chapter, she displays quite a show of reasoning to argue against the dream being just a dream. According to the Angels page, this is one of the signs of one Awakening

5th Angel of Courage: Taichi "Tai" Kamiya Edit

  • Owner of Crest of Courage
  • Appeared in the reflection of the blue pool which seems to show the current incarnations of Chaos and the Angels that was in Book Two: Powers, Chapter 7.
  • Has a dream similar to both Kari's and Ryder's in Book Six: Tricks, Chapter 17
  • His dream had said: One of the Nine (note the capital) indicating that it may be a reference to the Original Nine Angels before Rey came into being. Found in Book Six: Tricks, Chapter 17
  • In the same chapter, Tai doubts himself to tell Sora about the dream. According to the Angels page, this is a sign of Awakening

6th Angel of Spirit: Jeri Katou Edit

  • Rey said it was a 'she' unintentionally in Book Five: Demons, Chapter 21
  • When Rika is in the stange world in Book Two: Powers, Chapter 7, just before she encounters Piedmon, she sees an unnatural blue pond. In it is reflected Rey, Takato, Kari, Davis, Tai, Sora, Jeri, Henry and three (at the time) three unknowns, whom are most certainly Ryder, Mari, and Kristy. By process of elimination, Henry would be the Third Angel, and Jeri the Sixth. - Thanks to Chaos Blademaster

7th Angel of Love: Sora Takenoushi Edit

  • Owner of Crest of Love
  • Appeared in the reflection of the blue pool which seems to show the current incarnations of Chaos and the Angels that was in Book Two: Powers, Chapter 7.
  • Rey said yet again it was a 'she' in Book Five: Demons, Chapter 21

8th Angel of Miracles: Davis Motomiya Edit

  • Owner of the DigiEgg of Miracles
  • Appeared in the reflection of the blue pool which seems to show the current incarnations of Chaos and the Angels that was in Book Two: Powers, Chapter 7.
  • He along with Kari survived an impossible fall in Book Four: Gods
  • He survived a fall of five storeys in Book Six, Chapter 43 when Kari pushed him over the balcony due to being under control of Chiyo's Fatal Attraction... not to mention getting up again only moments later.

Thank the Digimon I am doing the timeline, otherwise I would never have confirmed Chaos Blademaster's words and find the chapter he talked about. Now I know that the ones above are the right Angels.

Other Books Edit

Based on the Dimensions page, I believe that B.C. has slipped a little too much info.

Book Seven Edit

He has most likely forgotten that I expertise in the Ryo part of Digimon. Plus, he once said that he was to include Millenniumon at some time. So I have high hopes of the enemy that B.C. mentioned to be in Book Seven being Millenniumon.

To add to that, thanks to B.C.'s new page, I am even more sure of Millenniumon. He could mean the 'ghosts from the past' as Millenniumon as either Moon-Millenniumon or ZeedMillenniumon or even a Millenniumon that has been unleashed from the crystal that trapped his spirit (ghost/heart). That, or the 'ghosts from the past' could mean ENIAC and Atanasoff coming back to help Ryo (most likely, or it could be Takato/Chaos or Rika/Harmony or both) defeat Millenniumon again.

Besides, Millenniumon already has all he needs to come back. The dark spore in Ken is ready to be activated at any moment, and the dark side of Millenniumon (yes, Millenniumon has a dark side, one that hates Ryo to the core while the good side wanted Ryo as a partner. The good side dominated, resulting in Cyberdramon) is dormant in Cyberdramon, bidding his time and waiting for the right time to strike.

And why do I have a strange feeling that one of the Demons are involved in this as well?

Once again I'm quietly amused. These are a fair few interesting ideas, and I'm not going to dispel or confirm any of them. Some are true, but you've also taken some pretty big tangents. --Blazing Chaos 08:09, 20 May 2008 (EDT)

It is now confirmed that B.C. is using Millenniumon in Book Seven, as shown in the interview with him.

Book Eight Edit

I will also be guessing that Book Eight is on time traveling or traversing alternate realities. The word Parallels is already a big hint. But I would never have guessed it without the new hints like Millenniumon and 'deja-vu'. This may very well be another Brave Tamer, where they jump from world to world to try and stop Millenniumon.

This is as much as I can guess at the moment, and I am sure that B.C. is a little glad I am not going on.

I am quietly amused. Not telling why though. --Blazing Chaos 07:18, 20 April 2008 (EDT)

There is more than one meaning to 'Parallels'. --Blazing Chaos 08:09, 20 May 2008 (EDT)

Maybe Parallels means parallel enemies for each respective Tamer. An example may be Devimon and Angemon, or Daemon and Seraphimon. Who knows?

Ryder. There is no doubt about it. The person B.C.'s referring to in the page is sure to be Ryder. I wonder, maybe without him, Ryder's Tamers lost and the world was doomed.

Deja-vu could be that some events like the battle with Piedmon, Myotismon, etc, is repeated, this time, with the Tamers and Digidestined on the losing end. It is likely that Millenniumon has revived them (again) or that he has sent them back into the scenario again (unlikely, the ages differ too much... but possible).

It'll be interesting to see how you react to what Parallels is really about. You'll probably be ecstatic, to be honest. --Blazing Chaos 12:32, 21 May 2008 (EDT)

Book Nine Edit

The key point here is who is our lucky (being sarcastic here) person is. The summary in the main Dimensions page indicates that someone is going to be rejected so badly that he/she is going to go through 'a spiral of depression'. This book is too far away for me to hazard a guess, but still, I would think it may be either Ryder/Mari or Takato/Rika.

This should also be the book where SLEGNA is created or comes into play. There is hard evidence of their being Tamers in this organization, as shown in Stratagems, Chapter 3. Again, I wouldn't try too hard to guess what does it stand for, but the first letter should be Secret or Special, and the last letter would maybe be Association.

This SLEGNA may have likely been created by the government, with quite a bit of pushing from Yamaki. This organization may have been created to help the Tamers, and has worked closely with them, as shown when Haru thinks about how the Tamers are one of the top members of the organization. It is highly likely that this organization may just be support or the clean-up party.

SLEGNA has been quoted in the latest chapter of Stratagems to mean: Special Legislative Executive Guard of Normals and Angels. I'm :also surprised that no-one has noticed a very cunning trick I've played here. The book is also based around a very tragic event. :--Blazing Chaos 12:32, 21 May 2008 (EDT)

And much to my disgrace, I have been told that SLEGNA is actually ANGELS spelled backwards.

Book Ten Edit

I think I may like this book. This book may have more dire consequences than even the current Book Six, which B.C. has assured would span well over 40 chapters. This will be about the choice between right and wrong (my favourite kind).

This being that exploits the Tamer's 'depression in their happy lives', while doing 'something so unbelievable that it could even be considered good', will be the enigma. This will make the Tamers change their way of judgment, having to consider which point of view to base on. They will have to choose between their personal lives, or the lives of all the world's people. If this being can truly help the people of the world (Real or Digital), at the cost of the Tamer's relationships, will they make that choice? Or will they choose to cling to their friendships and love, causing the world to lose its opportunity to improve?

Like I said, my favourite kind of situation.

Book Ten is going to be very dark, very emotional and feature billions of deaths. All at the hands of those you least expect, of course. --Blazing Chaos 12:32, 21 May 2008 (EDT)

Book Eleven Edit

The Angels will still be affected by the decision that they have made in Book Ten, so the summary on the Dimensions page is valid (or rather, my assumption is valid).

The world, according to the summary in the Book Eleven page states that the world 'comes to a halt... literally' and also that their entire world stops. Why repeat the same thing twice? Unless there is a hidden meaning of course (then again, it is just speculation). It may (big may... again) mean that someone is going to get hurt as well.

Still, there is too little information now to speculate on anything at all.

I think that by this book, Ryder may not even be around anymore, and may have returned to his own world in Book Eight and not come back.

This powerful force will be rather familiar for them by this point. --Blazing Chaos 12:32, 21 May 2008 (EDT)

Book Twelve Edit

Hurray, the Lord and Master arrives, all bow to our great lord!

Nah, this is not going to be such a joyful event. Another one person show. This leaves me wondering whether Rey's interfering in time is having effect. Rey may very well not even exist (sad, I know).

This should be the book where one (at the very least) of the main characters die off. This means that either Takato, Rika, Ryder, Mari, or Rey dies in this book, if they haven't already. No confirmations (duh).

At the very least, it will be interesting to see who in the two worlds is the Lord and Master.

Interesting...--Blazing Chaos 12:32, 21 May 2008 (EDT)

Book Thirteen Edit

There is one very minor detail here that I think is interesting.

Although B.C. has very strictly guarded the contents of this book, I don't even think it is going to be of the Real and Digital Worlds. If one looks carefully at the page (link above), one can see that the universe in which this book takes place in is TBA, which means to those who don't know, to be affirmed (or something like that). It has been rather standard that it is the Post-Cataclysm world that the books have taken place. Had B.C. just left it as that, nothing would have been found wrong with it, which will not lead to speculation (like I'm doing now).

I really doubt that it is just a little typing mistake. I have reason to believe that this may take place at either the beginning or end of time (call me biased, but I love making references to time) or somewhere as important as the former and latter.

Otherwise, nothing at all to speculate on.

Heh, there are a lot of ideas I have in my head for this book, most of which I've now put to paper. --Blazing Chaos 12:32, 21 May 2008 (EDT)

It seems that B.C. has decided to split Book Thirteen into two different Books.

It is rather curious to find out that B.C. has put into the teaser of sorts: "Who is Mari Flynn?" This proposes a question as to why he did it. It may have to do with a possibility that Mari may not be of this world, like Ryder, and that she came from a different world and has unique abilities. It opens up another possibility that like Izzy, she was adopted... and that her parents haven't revealed it to her before their death, leading her to go on with her life in believing that she was their biological daughter. It is extremely far-fetched, and I even expect to be headed to the Asylum by now, as this such possibility that Mari could have also been lying about her past. Right now, nothing at all is certain.

Book Fourteen Edit

Origins Edit

There is nothing at all to say, there is truly too little information. We only know the names of the Ryder's Tamers, their partners, Ivy (duh) and Ryder himself. Oh, and also that their current enemy is Arkadimon (V-Tamers anyone?). Other than that, we don't even know enough about Ryder himself. He still keeps too many secrets, even from Mari.

Wanderings Edit

Though I think that the two B.C. is referring to here is Ryo and Millenniumon, there is still room for doubt, a lot of room. I think that the only reason I say so is because my fic works on Ryo's past battles with Millenniumon. And this is all too obvious to me... to the point where I don't think B.C. is going to follow the script and throw Ryo in with Millenniumon again (coughs).

B.C., you know I hate you right? You're screwing me up here!

Feathers Edit

Finally, back to things I don't understand. Whew.

Now, for the introductions. Feather, meet Ivy, Ivy, meet the last thing Ryder's ever going to leave you (for now). There, all done.

For those who don't know what the feather's about, reread Book Five: Demons, where Ryder dies (coughs) and returns back to Ivy, where they share a kiss (make that three)... and Ryder puts a feather (yep, I have every reason to believe this to be the feather, obviously) on her hand and tells her the coordinates for their world.

Honestly... I don't know how to speculate on this. :(

Stratagems Edit

Currently, Alice has (had) a weapon that works on the belief of those around it. I think that this gun has the power to do anything, so long as the one using it believes in it. So, Alice may well not have been destroyed when she shot herself. We have yet to see its full potential, so I can't say much yet.

Despite Zach's apparent death, I think that it is not all to him yet. He may still appear, though I am unsure how. It may have some relation to why B.C. is not releasing the next chapter until Book Seven... a time slip that resulted in his revival maybe?

Preview/Teaser Edit

Note: This is not in the order B.C. put it in. I have arranged it such that it is easier for the rest of us to comprehend. It is also arranged according to how I deem each part fits best.

I have also separated each of the teaser lines with a -. This should help potential people who wish to speculate as well. One might also notice that I have duplicated some lines to see if they fit in in each possible subject.

Most of them have already popped up. Only some below haven't.

  • “The poor innocent child,” Seiko noted, clutching a cup of tea sadly.
  • “Rika, stop it!” Takato yelled, a wall collapsing to rubble behind him in a flash of blue energy.
  • “I knew it!” Ryder yelled, his eyes widening and a grin of realisation appearing on his face as he stared at her. (I think this hasn't appeared... I'm not sure...)

Only the first one hasn't yet appeared. Also, you missed off: “Once I thought I was lost, taking a path of evil, until they convinced me otherwise. They gave me a purpose in life, and people to care about.” --Blazing Chaos 05:16, 4 October 2008 (EDT)

Who is the Lord and Master? Edit

This guy deserves his own section...

Now that I've read Chaos Blademaster's speculation, time to add my own. To be honest, I have never really noticed the blue and red lightning bolts (I had to reread twice to catch them. I must have skipped the sentence altogether).

Now that I see it, things are starting to come together...

Take note of what the guy says (the only thing he has ever said):

For countless years, as I have grown and matured from a young child. I have watched these realms, both of reality and of data, take great leaps and bounds in stupidity and arrogance.

One must notice that he had said that he had grown from a young child kind of thing. It has lead us all to believe that he is one of the Tamers... however, note the countless years... it could hint at something else... something like...


No, it is most definitely not the sarcastic and idiotic (in Harmony's opinion anyways) Chaos we all know that bangs around in Takato's head. No, but something very similar.

One would recall the part I had made up about Millenniummon having two sides, one good and one not-so-good. Think of this as the not-so-good part of Chaos. Okay, so who does this remind you of... other than Takato?

Dai Matsuki.

It is highly likely, and using Chaos Blademaster's own argument, they would be unlikely to rage a fullout assault at him simply because he is the son of Takato and Rika. However, it can be deemed unlikely due to the little chat that Rey and Mari had in Extra Dimensions that goes something like this:

“Your brother would kill you if he saw what you were doing…” Mari joked, a morbid joke somewhat.

“Well, we all know he would, he hates me fighting in this war…” Rey replied, frowning.

Well, what I can say is that they may be referring to the Dai before he underwent some kind of change that changed him into the Lord and Master. The other good side of him that used to be.

Of course, further evidence (to a certain extent) is how he created the Artmon. Remind anyone of a very messed up version of Takato creating Guilmon?

Then again, this could either be very brilliant or very dumb. Like I said, I don't know the difference. XD

Neither do I, hehe. Only joking, but still, I'm staying tight lipped on this one. --Blazing Chaos 05:16, 4 October 2008 (EDT)
Dai, huh? I had not even considered him as a possibility. I suppose that is because I want to think of him as a good-guy. Then there is his age to account for. Being two years younger than Rey (who is 16-17ish), the oldest he could be is 15. Too young to be creating death-spawn digimon and taking over two worlds. Yes, I see the irony that Ken was Emporer at a younger age, and Takato was creating digimon (including mega-level monsters) at age 12. But with the Angels running around, it doesn't seem likely to me. Although, supposing it is Dai, he could use any trust he has of them to pull it off (and likely used it to capture Chaos and Harmony. Again, assuming certain speculations are correct). --Chaos Blademaster 23:04, 5 October 2008 (EDT)

Ah, good point. But you forget the element time travel plays in this. What if the Lord and Master is a Dai that came from the future? A less than pleasant future. So he wants to change it to make it perfect. He wants to eliminate all the 'impurities'. Ever thought of circles in circles? Time travel is such a fun thing, isn't it? - Digi9346 10:51, 6 October 2008 (EDT)

Other Questions Edit

  • What is the significance of the feather?
  • When will the other Angels Awaken?
  • Is David (from Stratagems, Chapter 4) Mari's son?
  • Does Ryder truly return to his own world and never return?
  • What other side effects did the Cataclysm have on the worlds, both Real and Digital?
  • How many other countries have societies that keep the Digimon bioemerging in check?
  • Why did Daemon want Ken's Dark Spore in the first place, in Adventure 02?
  • Will the Control Spires be making their appearance again? During the War perhaps?
  • How did the D-Vices come about? Did the DigiGnomes create them?

Well, this is the end of my section. - Digi9346

Speculation by Krow Blood Edit

Facts first, then speculation. Rey is the tenth angel, But, despite the existence of Dai Matsuki, Rika and Takato's second child, there is no 11th angel, as pointed out by Zach Strafer in Stratagems, there is no 11th angel. Due to some things you may notice in the Matsuki family portrait, quoting the story itself, "The other child, younger than the girl next to her, wore a black shirt, and grey three-quarter length pants. On his arm was a black device, similar to the one on the girl next to him in that it was black with red and blue, but the red and blue had switched places, and darkened. He had dark brown hair, very dark in fact, when contrasted with his red patch of dyed hair on the top of his head running from the front to the back along a raised portion of hair. He had a glum expression on his face, as if he didn't want to be in the shot."

Dai seems rather unlike the rest of the family. Now to Speculate, to me, the lack of an 11th angel would mean that Dai either A) didn't inherit any powers form Chaos and Harmony or B) is not an angel, but rather, the counterpart to the 10th angel, the 10th Demon.

Speculation by Fireblast123 Edit

In chapter 6 of Stratagems, Zach Strafer supposedly dies along with Candlemon in the middle of a Biomerge Digivolution. Now, to our knowledge, no one has been shot at in the middle of a Digivolution. Now, most would assume that Zach and Candle were killed, as nothing but Zach's D-Arc was left behind. That's what I thought too...At first. Then I thought, "Why is his D-Arc still there?" Even though BC even stated that Zach died at the end of the chapter, he's been known to throw us for quite a loop every once in a while, especially when we ignore the simplest of details.

...Plus, it's my character. I can hope as much as I want to, okay? XD

Speculation by Chaos Blademaster Edit

I like to look at things from angles that tend go unspoken here in the Dimensions wiki. Using my different perspective, these are some things that I have speculated on tend to be those that are unexplored (or at least unspoken). My hopes are to get myself and others to think from neither inside nor outside the box, but from the box's POV (yes, I know that doesn't make sense, but it does to me). As I state several times, I use a rather twisted logic, and also have an overactive imagination (which I have, years ago, given up on growing out of).

Demons Edit

After I have refined my methods of coming up with possible Demons (from brainstorming, then matching possibilities, to coming up with possibilities that are Angel-specific). Here is what I have now.

First-Destruction (Time) <Confirmed>
Second-Seduction (Control) <Confirmed>
Third-Infiltration (Knowledge) <Confirmed>
Fourth-Corruption (Light)
Fifth-Suspicion, Inundation (Courage)
Sixth-Depression, Affliction, Oblation (Spirit)
Seventh-Obssession, Devotion, or Passion (Love)
Eighth-Desolation or Devastation (Miracles)
Ninth-Desperation (Hope)
Note: I will be adding and removing possibilities as I deem some as likely or unlikely.

Also is it just me (with my crazy, twisted logic), or is there a slight connection between the Angels and their Demon counterparts? Seriously, Time is the most Destructive force there is, Seduction is a method of Control, and you must be extremely Knowledgable in order to Infiltrate your enemies. I have even come up with something for Light. Since Light destroys and purifies evil, it would not have a direct similarity using my previously stated twisted logic. However, it would have an opposite. Darkness is out because firstly, it doesn't end with "-ion," and secondly, Darkness is not evil (which is one of the things that I like that Frontier pointed out). ANYWAY, assuming that I am correct in my speculation, Corruption would be a good opposite for Light.

Heh, some interesting points and ideas there. I've just refreshed my list of Demons, given that I wrote their -ion bits an age ago before a lot of them got proper personalities. Now they do, however, it's much easier to do so and make it fit. Cheers anyway, I took a few of your ideas into account.
Also, have you noticed how oddly a lot of these -ion words begin with a D or a C. How strange. --Blazing Chaos 16:28, 9 September 2008 (EDT)
And I'll say, that 'twisted logic' is probably the most amount of sense I have seen in my life (not really, but close). I did that connection quite a long while ago... but was never really creative enough to come up with some of the names. Corruption was great! - Digi9346 00:54, 4 October 2008 (EDT)

Grr...Miracles is a hard one to come up with possibilities. I have finally just decided that it, like Light, does not have a similarity that can be established. So instead I looked at one opposite in particular and derived these posibilities from it. In case anyone was wondering, said opposite was "catastrophe."

Another one that I think might Confusion.  That would be a fun Demon.

Aw, now I really like that idea and I can't think of anywhere to fit it in. *sobs* Unless...hmm...I'll try and think of something because I think the power to confuse would be an awesome one for anyone, be they good or bad. --Blazing Chaos 07:36, 23 December 2008 (EST)
I took a second look at this and I think Desolation would work for the 9th Demon as well, cause the root word, Desolate, kind of means Hopeless depending on how you look at the word. Rmac107 16:22, May 4, 2011 (UTC)

Lord and Master Edit

Another thing that I have been recently pondering is the ever-elusive identity of the "Lord and Master" in Book 12. It seems obvious that whoever it is, got his power from stealing it from Chaos and Harmony. Remember in Stratagems, the blue and red bolts of energy striking (probably coming FROM) the Hypnos building (supposing it is still Hypnos)? Anyway, while it is likely that the "Lord and Master" is a character yet to be introduced, it is equally probable that it is a familiar face. One could use that reasoning to conclude that Ken might make another stab at being Emperor, but I doubt that he would do it. The confirmed reappearance of Milleniummon will likely take its toll on the unfortunate genius. In my opinion, supposing that the "Lord and Master" used to be a Tamer/Digidestined, I think that Takeru would be a good fit. Being my favorite character in Adventure 02, I can easily see how terrible an enemy Takeru would be. While he followed Davis's lead, I always saw him as the real leader of the second-generation Digidestined, steering people in different directions whenever needed. He is also quite perceptive, as well. Not to mention that his partner is abnormally strong. In Adventure, MagnaAngemon almost single-handedly defeated the most powerful Dark Master! Then, MagnaAngemon almost defeated BlackWarGreymon by himself in 02 as well. Trust me, the Child of Hope is not someone you want to be fighting against.

Heh, very interesting speculation about what's going on here. The only thing I can say is...wait and see. :) --Blazing Chaos 11:40, 3 October 2008 (EDT)

Ivy Edit

Such a mystery is this young blond. As I have noted to B.C. on several occasions, she is so coincidentally similar to Rose Tyler from Doctor Who. So naturally a bit of mystery is a given, then you add her hinted significance for the future of the story. Plus she is making a rather explosive Ivy/Ryder/Mari love triangle. Having at least one big trick up her sleeve, she is able to contact people in another universe, and even appear for a very brief moment. I think that she is using the same wish-powered gun used by Alice in Stratagems. Makes sense, don't you think?

DarkBiyomon Edit

Merely the fact that this now partnerless digimon has not simply faded into obscurity is a very strong indicator that B.C. still has big plans for her. However, I don't think that any such plans will come to fruition until at least Book Seven. It is possible that she will ally herself with Milleniummon, the latter likely promising something she would find important, like perhaps promising to return Chiyo to her (after all, he can manipulate/travel through time).

Obviously, I was possibly somewhat incorrect in my guess here.  Although, knowing BC, this could still very well be a possibility.  Not that I am still considering it, but I think I will leave it, just in case.

The Future Edit

Just what exactly does Rey change with her travels? I am not sure that she is able to change much, if anything. Since in all probability Stratagems occurs in the "altered" future (since Zach Strafer thinks about how someone looking like Rey appeared in the past), and while we can't exactly know for certain, it does not look like any changes or repercussions occurred from her travels.

The Four Black Ships Edit

B.C. mentioned at the end of Book Seven's chapter 35 "four things" that would leave us confused. I believe this is his first in-story reference to what he has figuratively called the Four Black Ships. Historically speaking, they were the first US ships to arrive in Japan (in 1853), the USS Saratoga, Plymouth, Mississippi, and Susquehanna. Because of they were unknown, and their black smoke from the ships' power plants, they caused quite a bit of surprise.

Anyway, I have had a few ideas about what these four unknowns could be, but some I have eliminated for various reasons. My first thought was a return of the Cult of Victory, but decided that wasn't possible since the Cult isn't completely unknown. B.C. has confirmed that it does not refer to the Cult. I have thought it might refer to the Sovereign, but they too are known. Another possibility that I have thought of are the other Tamers from Ryder's world, including Ivy. This would make sense because Mari is the only one who even knows anything about these Tamers (excluding Rei), and that is just from Ryder unloading about Ivy. I have thought that this is the most likely. Of course, it could have something to do with the four Demons/UnAwakened Demons that have been introduced.

Hehe, someone's done their research. Was my 'search stories' video a hint? Wait and see. =) Also, glad to see a bit of life back in this page again, since a lot of stuff on it still is from a Book Six perspective. Anyhow, I think you'll enjoy the next chapter. --Blazing Chaos 22:00, July 17, 2010 (UTC)

Book Seven Teaser Edit

Chaos BlademasterEdit

Okay, before I get to my thoughts on this...interesting teaser, I must state for the record that BC is EVIL!!! How could he do such a thing as make Rey's name really be Rei?! GAH!

Ahem. Now that I have vented that little upset, I think that I need to get cracking on deciphering this confusing teaser. It seems that every time I think that I have a bead on Ryder, BC gets evil and reveals something that makes everything change, so I am not even going to go there. The only thing that I will say is that it has been obvious for a very long time that Ryder would be returning back to his home dimension, but it was not until he began revealing things on this wiki that it would be most likely during Book Seven. As for everything else, I think that it is safe to say that Rayleigh is most definitely going to make the Tamers into enemies of the state. Scary thought. Hmm...I wonder if he can use his power to through a video broadcast to make everyone believe that they are dangerous. Probably not, so he is likely to stage a massive attack and make it look like the Tamers are to blame. Henry is also likely to have his powers awaken to help them out of this bind and put an end to Rayleigh's reign. Also, even though it does not say it in the teaser, I strongly feel that Kari and Tai will awaken in this Book as well, since they are next in line to do so. A little more Takeru angst is a definite as well. Haha, he hasn't been this down since Devimon killed his best friend. Even though I would LOVE to be able to figure out exactly what BC has planned for Book Seven, aside from the Third Demon, Milleniummon, and Ivy, I think that if we (as much as I have come to loathe this turn of phrase) wait and see it will be just as much fun.


*''“My name is Ryder Mark Watson Stevens.”''
*''“Somehow, I ended up in a different world far from my old life, a world where my dreams are 
becoming a reality.”''
*''“Am I mad, in a coma, or is this real?”''
*''“The worst thing is that I know that if my two worlds collide, I'm going to have to make a 
*''“Dreams or Reality. Friends or Family. Mari or Ivy.”''
*''“If I just knew the truth, maybe I could decide.”''

Well, it is obvious that the ones in italic are basically a summary of Ryder’s fun life (don’t we all want to have two girls chasing after us?). So nothing to say here. But I will try to arrange the teaser in a way that would make sense... as much as possible.

*'''Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.'''
*“Please Ryder. Don't die.”
*“Please Ryder, you have to hear me. You have to wake up,” cried Ivy, leaning down by his hospital 
bedside and wiping away a tear from her eye, a futile effort as more began to pour, her words 
becoming but a whimper. “Please.”

*Taking a desperate breath, Ryder sat up, a cold sweat running down his face as he came face to 
face with someone he didn't expect to see, and yet oddly still did.
*Ryder fell into her arms, the sheer exhaustion of what had just happened wracking through his body 
so much that the only cure right now was that magical thing known as an embrace.

Well, after it is organised... it is obvious what's going on here. We're having a view from Ryder's world with him in hospital (I have no idea how... though I think I have a suspicion...) with Ivy crying over his 'dead' body... which kinda reminds me of Mari when Ryder had died all those times.

*The flames rapidly raced up the sides of the pair of towers, licking upwards into the sky as 
a thunderous roar shook the very foundations of Tokyo itself, the fiery vortex smashing window 
after window and generating a catastrophic firestorm.
*“The whole city…what's happening?” (Earthquake...)
*“It's…everywhere.” (The fire's everywhere of course... I think...)
*The fiery inferno ripped upwards, screams barely heard above the roar of the fire and explosion as 
the flames engulfed their victims.
*“Run, run, run, as fast as you can. Nowhere is safe.” (Seems like something that Rayleigh would 
say in this situation... if he had caused it.)
*All went silent.
*'''“The country is in turmoil, the government is using military action to contain those 
responsible for this attack. They are reassuring people that the perpetrators will be caught and 
normality will be restored as soon as possible.”'''
*'''“Above all else, the government is reassuring civilians not to panic.”'''

The first clearly shows the destruction of Hypnos, and with the following showing how Rayleigh (perhaps...) is pushing the blame to a certain group (Tamers/Angels maybee...). Either that, or it is the government finally fighting the real bad guys: the Demons... which I sincerely doubt at the moment. However, the destruction of the towers may not have necessarily been caused by either the Demons or the Tamers but perhaps an outside force. Of course, Rayleigh would still push the blame to the Tamers of course.

*“You wanted a way home, didn't you?” (someone other than Ryder or Mari must have asked 
this... my guess seems to be Millenniummon, as usual)
*“Ryder, are you insane? They'll kill you!”
*“I have to do it Mari.”
*Ryder stood, arms braced, held outwards as he awaited his fate, the lights illuminating his face 
as he closed his eyes.

This one I am not sure at all. I think that it is very much off, but unless I use other quotes, it is rather impossible to make a new combo that makes sense. This one, I believe, should be the scene when Ryder chooses to go home and back to Ivy... but that makes the third line a little wrong. But *shrugs* hey, like I said, the only way to create other combinations of the teaser is by repeating the quotes again, which I do not intend to do tonight as... well, I still need to think and all.

*With a flurry of tail and fur, DarkRenamon touched down next to Mari.

*“Takeru, are you okay?”

These seem to be the ones that don't fit anywhere, though I have a kind of vibe about them that they fit somewhere... somewhere. I know that the second one is probably someone (Kari... though it may be Matt or any of the other former Digidestined as well, even Cody or their respective partners) asking Takeru about his emotional state at the moment.

Speculation by Anonymous Edit

Angelic OrderEdit




Do these numbers remind you of anything? Let me elaborate...Rey, Ryder, Mari. Angels.

Now if we use Davis as the 7th due to his Angelic actions during the Fatal Attraction arc and made Kristy number Nine due to her pendant given to her by Rey it all adds up. While it does sync up to the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, B.C. does have a habit of giving Angels clothing with their numbers. Why not Mari who's the Angel of Control having the wake up order of them all on hers?

I'm not saying anything. No change there then. =P --Blazing Chaos 18:35, 7 July 2009 (UTC)
I have to say that I am impressed with your thinking. Personally, I don't think I would have thought along those lines. However, Henry has already awoken as the Third Angel, but the Seventh has not yet Awakened. Still, I for one am surprised that you came up this. --Chaos Blademaster 02:34, 8 July 2009 (UTC)
Heh Heh you'll be surprised what I think up for I am...THE MGT! Heh Heh heh no its not what you think it is... -The Mgt
Also If I recall current to the story Henry hasn't fully awakened yet another COULD possibly awaken before Henry pulls his head out of the clouds of Magicant (Ecookie if you get the reference) Also if we take Davis surviving the fall in Fatal Attraction as being partly awake then it works. -The Mgt

Speculation by No name Edit

"Destiny" and "Fate"Edit

I noticed that Rey, the Angel of Destiny, prefers to have her power referred to destiny rather than fate. In fact, if I recall, she actually choses the term destiny even after Ryder used the word fate, leading to the boy to briefly wonder why she seemed to prefer that word. In addition, destiny usually has a more positive connentation than fate does. An example would be how someone might say that saving the world was "their destiny," but would say that being defeated by an enemy was "fate." I believe it is possible that in the future, since Rey becomes the Tenth Angel, there will need to be a Tenth Demon. After all, for every creation by Harmony, there is an equal and opposite creation. Rey may be the combined creation of Chaos and Harmony (the child of their incarnations), but I think that it would still result in another Demon in order to maintain balance. I believe it is possible that the Tenth Demon could be the Demon of Fate.

There was a lot of speculation a while back about a Tenth Demon, but BC shot that bird out of the sky pretty quickly by stating that there was not a Tenth Demon. However, Dai's possible powers have not yet been revealed, so we do not know what kind of balance he will be to Rei, since he was the most commonly speculated Tenth Demon. --Chaos Blademaster 19:50, September 2, 2010 (UTC)

Even if there is not supposed to be a Tenth Demon, I still think that the distinction between "Destiny" and "Fate" could be important. The fact that not only does Rei prefer to say "destiny" and Ryder notices this means that the writer wants us to notice too. The fact that Ryder's thoughts point this little fact out is important because BC felt it was worth pointing out.

-No name


I know this may be disproved by future Demons and Angels, but the genders of have so far matched between the pairs. The First Angel (Ryder) and First Demon (Taiki) were both males. The Second Angel (Mari) and the Second Demon (Chiyo) were both female. And the Third Angel (Henry) and the Third Demon (Rayleigh) are both males. In addition to matching, they also alternate between male and female in order (this won't continue to be true in the future since this would mean all odd numbers would be male and even would be female, and since Krisy is number nine...). The correlation between genders of the Angels and Demons may be gone in the later Angels and Demons, but this is still interesting for the time being.

Priestess PropheciesEdit

In Book Seven, chapter 37, the Priestess comments she cannot see Ryder's future (since he has no destiny in this universe), but she can see the destinies of those around him and make a few prophecies that way. These prophecies are as follows:


This one is fairly straightforward. Everything tells her that Ryder's name is Pandora. Pandora is the name of the girl who was given a box and told not to open it. Curiousity, however, caused her to open it. She released all the world's evils into the world. Horrified, she slammed the lid shut, but it was too late. A small voice from inside called out for her to open it back up. She was uncertain if she should reopen the box, but eventually decided to do so. Thus, she released Hope into the world as well.

This makes sense. Ryder's arrival into this universe begins the Awakening of the Angels, but also the awakening of the Demons. Thus, he released Evil into the world. But, if we follow the myth of Pandora to it's end, he would also be the source of hope. This means that Ryder is both the cause and cure for evil released into the world.

Of course, Ryder mentioned this myth in the chapter. This means he might be on the right track about this prophecy. Or, we might be completely fooled by Blazing Chaos.

The next prophecy is a little more difficult:

"The four black ships. The four black ships are coming, and they will bring the end of your story."

This one is tougher. Four black ships sound fairly metaphorical to me. Black is generally (at least in some cultures) associated with evil, death, corruption, and other things along that nature. Ships are used to transport people and items long distances. That could mean that evil is being brought by something from a long distance. Four somethings. Of course, we know of four people who are very far away and at least one is known to be trying to come to there and has been in contact with a real source of evil.

There are four tamers in Ryder's old world. And Ivy is reaching out toward Ryder and has been in contact with Daemon. We already know that Daemon is truly evil. If she makes a deal with him, it is easy to see how those four tamers could be used to carry evil for the Demon Lord. This idea may be completely wrong, but it seems to make sense.

The second part, about the end of Ryder's story can be viewed in a few ways. It can mean that he dies (permanently), that they will drag him to his old world (if it is indeed his old friends), or that it is literally the end of his "story." The first two definitions don't make much sense since Rei remembers Ryder in her own time period. The only way that the first two ideas could work would be if this prophecy comes into effect after her trip to the past. My preferred meaning goes back to a little conversation he had with Mari. He said he used to write fanfiction and he arrived, knowing about events that had just occurred (like the conference in New York) even though he said the show didn't go that far yet. It is possible that most, if not all, of the events in Dimensions were following a fanfiction of his invention. This could mean that the "four black ships" will bring about the end of his fanfiction story, either by reaching the last point he wrote about or by changing the events that he'd written. This works well because it would add support to his delusion about everything he is experiencing is a dream. If everything is following a story of his, then it would make sense about why he would be so quick to assume it is fake.

The next prophecy is as follows:

"And I am sorry but…she is going to die"

We know that a female is going to die. The Priestess doesn't say if it is a human, digimon, or the age of the victim, but it will be a "she." What's more, the death will be connected to Ryder somehow. We don't know if he causes the death, if he tries to prevent it and fails, or if it is just someone he truly cares for that will come to harm. There is less useful information on this one. It could be a future Demon, Mari, Ivy, another fellow tamer, a partnered digimon, or someone we cannot even expect yet. All we know is that a female will die and the death is connected to Ryder in some fashion.

The next prophecy is equally vague.

"You will lose a loved one."

We don't know if this loved one is the same as the death or not. We also don't know the gender, age, or species of the victim. Ryder's ideas include Mari, Ivy, and Donmon. He believes that the "loss" likely means death, but I don't think that is definite. He could be losing Ivy or Mari by choosing one girl over the other. The loss could mean that someone is simply leaving him. If he chooses Mari, for example, Ivy might step out of his life forever.

Other possiblities could be parents, close friends, or a number of other individuals in his life. Happily, there is still the possibility that this "loss" isn't necessarily death.

The final prophecy is this:

"Four is coming."

Blazing Chaos has stated that grammar is important. It doesn't mean that four something is coming (unlike those four ships from earlier). It means that Four is coming. The prophecy treats "Four" like a title or name. There are two obvious beings that would have "Four" as part of their title and are certainly going to show up eventually. Either the Fourth Angel or Fourth Demon. No one except the readers, knows the Third Demon is running around and Henry is still in his "I'm not sure if I'll ever really be an Angel" gloomy mood. Of the two options, I think that the Fourth Angel is more likely the one that is being referred to. So far, the Angels are generally coming into play before the Demon (except Reyleigh, but he kept in the background during the early days before Henry Awoke). Thus, I feel that "Four" means that the Angel of Light is who is coming.

These ideas may end up being completely wrong, but these are my predictions on these new prophecies. Later events will likely help support or eliminate these ideas.

Okay, I'm going to say four things, and take these as you will. Just to be a pain in the arse, one of them is wrong and is intended to lead you up a blind alley:
  • Watch the Google Search Stories vid. It's a massive hint. Think about it!
  • Think laterally with 'Four is coming'. So many people have fallen foul of the same mistake, and come up with a prediction that is, in fact, wrong (of course, working out why it's wrong will help you come to some interesting revelations too). It's a trick. A very cunning trick. Think about it!
  • Ryder's loss of a loved one is going to drive him to the edge of destruction, and perhaps beyond.
  • Daemon is still out there, alive and well. But whether he's involved in events is another question. --Blazing Chaos 18:39, August 20, 2010 (UTC)
So, one of your statements above is a lie and one is designed to lead me up a blind alley. That's kind of mean, but okay. The Google Search Story is a series of google searches of weird things in Ryder's life, ending with a search on "four black ships." When I run a search on that topic, I end up information about the early ships from America arriving in Japan. That could be connected to our American tamers-to-be, Willis and Michael, or it could be connected to my earlier guess (depending on if this is the "blind alley" hint or not).
And "Four is coming" still sounds like that "Four" is a title rather than meaning four people or four digimon or four something. Normally, it would say that "four ARE coming" rather than "Four is coming." Thus, "Four" would be singular rather than the usual plural definition. I still think that "Four" will be a title for someone or something.
I find it interesting you say the "loss of a loved one" is going to drive him to the edge of destruction, not "her death." This could be a slip of the tongue, indicating that her death and his loved one lossed will be the same person. Or it could indicate that this statement is your lie or "blind alley" hint. Or it could mean that he will be more strongly affected by the loss than the death. Or even that the two events will be spread far enough apart in time that it doesn't matter how they could relate. Or there might just be too many possiblities with this one. Only time will tell.
This last one about Daemon is almost definitely true. We last saw him at Christmas, if I recall correctly, and he was definitely alive and well. There is no telling if he's involved in the prophecies, but I have no doubt that he'll show back up before Dimensions are finished.
Once more, your hints are evil, but thanks anyway.-No name
Haha, I'll just say one thing: you're still thinking way too literally about 'Four is coming'. Think about it. Think about why it's 'Four'. ;)
Heck, the answer comes down to a quirk. This clue is only oblique in dialogue. If written, it would be soooooo obvious. :)
Fool you once, shame on me. Fool you all twice, shame on you! :D --Blazing Chaos 23:15, August 20, 2010 (UTC)
Well, it has been a long time since I have edited anything on this page, but since I happened to drop by, might as well. Actually, I had been wondering ever since I saw the word 'four'. Did you, by any chance, actually mean to say 'Death'? After all, the number 'four' is, in Japanese culture (and the Chinese as well, which I just so happen to be), a sort of homonym for 'death'. So, does this, rather than mean 'Four is coming', that 'Death is coming'? It may be far-fetched, but you did mention that we shouldn't think too literally about it and it WOULD be obvious to write it down. But, who knows?
Also, I am wondering about all your references to 'four' here. Since, in the Japanese culture, four is an inauspicious word in itself, this could be a clue. Though, admittedly, when I read the 'four ships' bit, I was thinking more along the lines of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, though one has to wonder if I am thinking too much. After all, saying 'end of story' is another way of saying 'end of world'. Again, probably thinking too much.
I am wondering as well if you had repeated the 'four black ships' bit for dramatics or for some cryptic hint you are leaving for all us poor souls. *sigh* - Digi9346 14:33, September 2, 2010 (UTC)
Nice to see that you are showing up here again. As BC said not long ago, it has kind of slowed here, though activity has picked up slightly in the last week or so. Now that Digi9346 no Shoushitsu is over, perhaps activity will really pick up.
BC has been getting rather aggravated about the "Four is coming" speculation. I've looked at it at pretty much every angle I can think of, and after all of the talk of "taking 'Four' too literally, I started thinking it wasn't so much of Four, but rather associated with the number 4. The number 4 is a rather common theme in digimon, but that line of thought has been shot down. At least I think it is on the right track. I think it is safe to say that many readers, myself included, will be reaching for the nearest head-bangable object for not seeing it, considering BC's irritation at us.
I keep trying to explain that the Four Black Ships are a metaphor, citing the real Black Ships. The USS Saratoga, Mississippi, Plymouth, and Susquehanna were the ones referred to when directly citing the Four Black Ships, rather than just the Black Ships. In the case of Dimensions, it is likely a group of four unknown characters will be introduced into the main Dimensions universe. My opinion is that they are Tamers from Ryder's native universe, but it could be something else. Probably not a group that has been previously encountered by the group, such as the Sovereign or the Cult of Victory. --Chaos Blademaster 12:24, September 4, 2010 (UTC)

Who is David?Edit

The character David, mentioned in Extra Dimensions (chapter 4) and hinted at sometimes in Rei's viewpoint, is from sometime in the future. He seems to have a partner, Dorumon (purple-furred mammal digimon with a red interface on his forehead). Mari has been stated to "love" him. Considering that Rey has mentioned that Mari and Ryder are practically made for each other, I highly doubt that Davis is a new boyfriend/husband for Mari. Instead, I have a slightly more grounded and obvious theory: he is Mari and Ryder's son.

Chiyo mentioned that Rey was apparently in love with Ryder while interrogating the injured boy in the hospital. I don't think she's so much in love with RYDER as she is in love with someone who strongly resembles him. There also hints that Rey has strong positive feelings for David. If David is close to that age in the future and looks like his father, then it would make sense that she might experience feelings about him as she would about her crush/boyfriend/whatever-David-is-to-her.

Furthermore, his partner's appearance points to another set of familiar digimon parents. DarkRenamon might have black fur, but her higher stages have a purple color scheme. In addition, while both Terriermon and Donmon have exhibited having a crush on her, Donmon ends up spending the most time with her (due to their partners living together) and Donmon has a lot of red on him. Dorumon also is vaguely fox-like in shape, adding more evidence that he could be related to DarkRenamon.

Now, age would be the next biggest problem. In order to be close enough to Rey's age for her crush (and her similar feelings connected to the theoretical-family-resemblence with Ryder), he would have to be born within a few years of her. Of course, with one of Book Seven's most recent chapters... David's age might not be as big a problem anymore. Ryder and Mari's relationship has definitely taken a large step forward. He could be born in the next nine months or at another point within the next couple of years without creating a large gap between him and Rey.

Of course, knowing Blazing Chaos, another piece of information will toss this idea out the window soon. Or he might simply surprise us with a new development that no one will see coming and we'll forget all about David until later.

Speculation by Rmac107 Edit


I read Chaos Blademaster's specutlation into the demons and their traits, and while I agree with what he thinks the fourth demon will be, I might have a different view on the rest, except for the sixth demon which i also agree with Chaos Blademaster about. I noticed that each angel doesn’t have it’s trait end in the same three letters. This lead me onto thinking if the same thing applied to the demons then what traits would fit perfectly with the demons that are opposite to the angel.

First - Destruction (Time) <Confirmed>

Second - Seduction (Control) <Confirmed>

Third - Infiltration (Knowledge) <Confirmed>

Fourth - Corruption (Light)

Fifth - Fear (Courage)

Sixth - Depression, Affliction, Oblation (Spirit)

Seventh - Hate (Love)

Eighth - Tragedy (Miracles)

Ninth - Despair (Hope)

I know some of them might make no sense compared to Chaos Blademaster’s ideas but I see exact opposites in mine, and isn’t that what the demons are to the angels?

Courage is bravery and fear is the opposite of that. The exact opposite of love is hate, we all know that. Miracles and Tragedies have been together since the beginning, one example is the tragedy of death and the miracle of birth. And Despair is basically hopelessness.

While I do like some of your ideas, there was a very specific reason why I never used similar ones in my speculation. That reason is BC himself said that all the Demons' titles would contain the -ion ending, i.e. Destrucion, Seduction, and Infiltration. Aside from that, it looks like you are on the right track. --Chaos Blademaster 22:43, August 23, 2010 (UTC)

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