Rika Nonaka
Rika Nonaka
Brief information
First appearance: Digimon Tamers
Partner: Renamon
Status: Alive
Date of birth: Unknown

Rika Nonaka is the current incarnation of the godlike being Harmony, who is Chaos' archrival. Rika is the third of the Tamers to biomerge, and is nicknamed the 'Digimon Queen' for her skill in the card game and as a Tamer. Her partner is Renamon. She is currently in a relationship with Takato Matsuki.


Digimon Tamers Edit

Rika in the beginning thought that Digimon were nothing more than computer data built for fighting, and she wanted her partner, Renamon to be the strongest one of the world. She attempts to strengthen Renamon by battling any bioemerging Digimon and having Renamon download their data after defeating them, but is frustrated at Renamon's lack of control over Digivolution. Eventually she realizes that the two must be on equal partnership and friendship.

She is bitter and extremely antissocial but her friends, Takato and Henry manage to bring the best in her. She seems to have some sort of resent for Ryo Akiyama, whom she lost against in a Digimon Tournament to, two years before the series began.

She has been aliased as 'Digimon Queen' and decided to coach Jeri on the Digimon factor to help her be a Tamer.

Dimensions Edit

After Book 1 started (which was after the events of Digimon Tamers ended) she has grown to be more respectful to her friends, still labelling (so to speak) them against their will. She missed Renamon deeply and accidentaly left out in the open a portion of her diary to appear in Takato's mailbox. She admits having feelings for him, but knowing he also liked Jeri, this made it hard, and she didn't know what to do without Renamon's help.

After teaming up with Takato and Henry they parted to the Digital World to save their Digimon. With the help of HYPNOS, they succeded, and also, she seemed rather lonely as when she and Takato met Locomon and they got inside the train (so to speak), she decided to tell a secret that bugged her, and it was about her divorced father that left her.

Later in the Book she has developed more romantic feelings towards Takato, and in the end, after feeling frustrated at what life brought bad to her, he pulls her into a kiss. Ever since them, the two have been having a stable relationship.

The two are also higher entities as Chaos and Harmony, both gods, incarnated Takato and Rika respectively.

And in Book 6, she gives birth to a child, named Rei (or Rey) Matsuki. While she was uncertain of her abilities as a parent, she seems to be growing into the role. In Book Seven, she has been accused of murdering the Prime Minister and been forced to flee to the Digital World with the other tamers, family members, and close friends to escape arrest or worse.