Natsuki 'Nat' Takara
Brief information
First appearance: Book Seven
Partner: None
Status: Alive
Date of birth: Unknown

A member of Digital Watch, this blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, also going by the nickname of Nat, arrived at Mari and Ryder's apartment just before Rayleigh Thompson's plan against the Digimon Tamers came into effect in Book Seven. Because she reminded him of Ivy in appearance and he believed she might be connected to him, Ryder brought her along on their escape to the park. She started out curious about the various mysteries surrounding the Tamers and decided to ask her questions in person instead of stalking them, but was not ready for the dangerous life was dragged into against her will when the apartment was raided (although she was given a few potential opportunities to leave in the subsequent escape).

She ended up in the Digital World with the others, where she suffered a slight break-down because of the stressful events, including one of Ryder's 'deaths' and her perceived idea that he wants something from her (only heightened by being called 'Ivy' by both Mari and Ryder upon first meeting them). This frustration, fear, and confusion led to an escape attempt, but Jeri and Leomon were able to find her before the Digital World's many dangers did, and offered a beacon of friendship in the unfortunate circumstances.

Natsuki appears to exhibit an ability for telepathy. No one, including herself, seems to be aware of this development yet.