The Monster Makers, in the Digimon Tamers story universe, is an informal international group of programmers who had attended college together in the mid 1980's, and were responsible for the creation of the original Digimon program.


It included the following individuals:

  • Gorou "Shibumi" Mizuno : Continued on with the Digimon project after it was shut down in 1986. He later is able to help the kids while they are in the Digital World, as well as rejoining the Monster Makers in Shinjuku to help fight the D-Reaper.
  • Janyu "Tao" Wong: Henry's father, who specialized in communications language.
  • Rob "Dolphin" McCoy: Alice's Grandfather, professor at Palo Alto University. Studied under John C. Lilly, whose studies with dolphins was referenced to his nickname.
  • Rai "Curly" Aishuwarya: From India, a professor at Miscatonic University. Her area of focus was quantum theory.
  • Christopher 'Babel' Newton : His specialty was in theoretical physics. African-American.
  • Lindsey "Daisy" Campbell: Her nickname was a reference to the film "2001: A Space Odyssey". Her specialty was robotics and software.
  • Johnny Beckenstein: An American ally of the Monster Makers that inform them that a handful of the probes were still functional, and relaying information that allowed them to deduce that the D-Reaper was a quantum bubble.



The group attended college (exactly which is unavailable) together in 1984. They were involved in the creation of artificial lifeforms known as Digimon, as well as the creation of the Digital World. However, before they had any further ideas for development of the project, it was shut down by the university in 1986. Shibumi, the reclusive one in the group, took it upon himself to continue the development of the Digital World. It eventually evolves on its own, and Shibumi immerses himself into this work for the next twenty-plus years, developing new bridges between the worlds, including the Digivice and blue cards.


In 200X, they were reunited by Hypnos (in Episode 23) to first help protect Earth against Digimon (and, using their knowledge, to destroy the Digimon using their own data against them.), then to help create the Ark to bring the children back from the Digital World, and finally to help combat the D-Reaper. One of their greatest creations proved to be the entity known as Grani.

As the influence of digimon on the human world increases, they work more and more with Hypnos, but are not technically employeed by Hypnos. They also develop a series of other projects in their spare time that could be sold for a great deal of money if they choose to (but they mostly create them for fun). They also help set up Hypnos-type programs in other countries, like America.

Creations (as a group)Edit

  • Digital World
  • Digimon
  • Grani
  • Operation: Doodlebug