Brief information
First appearance: Digimon Tamers
Tamer: Ryo Akiyama
Status: Alive
Attribute: Vaccine
Level: Rookie
Family: Dragon's Roar
Type: Small Dragon
Baby level: Ketomon
In-training level: Hopmon
Rookie level: Monodramon
Armour level 1: None
Armour level 2: None
Armour level 3: None
Champion level: Strikedramon
Ultimate level 1: Cyberdramon
Ultimate level 2: None
Mega level 1: Justimon
Mega level 2: None
Mega level 3: None
Other level: None
Monodramon is a Rookie level Digimon and the Digimon partner of Ryo Akiyama.

Appearance Edit

Monodramon b

Description Edit

Attacks Edit

  • Beat Knuckle: Slams its drill-like claws into the opponent
  • Crack Bite: Bites the enemy with its fangs
  • Burst Shadow Wing: An attack similar to Garudamon's Wing Blade, but heals instead.

Variations/Subspecies Edit