Mother to Takato, Mie and her husband run a family bakery and live in the same building

She is the more forceful of Takato's parents (setting her foot down about "pets" when her husband would have allowed Takato to have one, though it was actually Guilmon he was hiding instead of a dog), but she loves her son and worries about him like any parent. She is becoming more comfortable about his unique responsibilities as a tamer when her son's life (and thus, her own) becomes more complicated when it is discovered he is the current incarnation of Chaos, an attack by Chiyo Suzume burns down the bakery/their home, and her teenage son becomes a parent to Rey (who is also the time-traveler Rei close to his age). When Takato's girlfriend/mother of his daughter, Rika Nonaka, is accused of murdering the Prime Minister, Mie and her husband, Takehiro Matsuki, are forced to flee to the park to escape (along with a number of other parents, siblings, and close friends of the tamers). When cornered at Guilmon's shed, the large group manages to disappear into the Digital World, but are divided in the process.