Hawkmon is a Digimon creature from the Japanese Digimon media franchise that comprises anime, manga, toys, video games, trading card games and other media.

Hawkmon is in the Digimon Adventure 02 anime as the partner of Yolei Inoue. This Hawkmon has a quite pretentious accent.


Hawkmon is a small bird-like Digimon with red feathers and large yellow feet. His wings each have three digits,and he can use them like fingers. He has clear blue eyes, and wears a belt around his forehead. On the back of his head, secured by the belt, is a feather given to him by Garudamon


Hawkmon is a main character in Digimon Adventure 02, and also appears in its two related movies Digimon Hurricane Landing!!/Transcendent Evolution!! The Golden Digimentals and Revenge of Diaboromon.

Hawkmon, along with Veemon and Armadillomon, are the three Digimon of ancient times who were sealed away by the Harmonious One, Azulongmon, to be awakened again in a time of crisis. Hawkmon is freed when Yolei Inoue lifts the Digi-Egg of Love.

Later in Digimon Adventure 02, Hawkmon gains the ability to assume a second Armor form - Shurimon, from the Digi-Egg of Sincerity. After the defeat of the Digimon Emperor, Hawkmon's natural champion form is unlocked, as well as the ability to DNA Digivolve with Gatomon.

In Dimensions, Book Three, he gains the ability to Biomerge with Yolei to reach the mega form, Valkyrimon. He sometimes has to be logical when his partner tries to react emotionally, like when she believes Ken is in trouble in Book Seven.