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Welcome to the Dimensions Wiki, the wiki that, eventually, will be a comprehensive source of information about the Digimon Fanfic Dimensions, hosted on FanFiction.net. It will hopefully be a useful resource for readers who want to know just that little bit more about the series they enjoy, and hear things from behind the scenes, be they teasers, explanations, interviews, mythologies or previews. In addition, it's a perfect place to archive what you think is really going on in this intricate and deep series, and find out what theories others have on the same subject.

Inevitably, expect some spoilers if you're not up to date on the series. If anything is amiss, or you think something would be better off changed or added, either drop the author a line or roll up your sleeves and help out - it'll be much appreciated.

Ryder's Search Story

A little retrospective...and a teaser too. Just imagine the kind of things Ryder might search for: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mc8C4ij5YFw

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  • The Author, plus a special interview of the happenings in Dimensions.

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Quote of the Chapter

"That's not important. I know deletion, I'm the King of Deletion, I invented deletion. That ain't deletion. If it's meant to be, they're doing it wrong. See, we're still alive, but you Digimon are still being taken – even though we're all data."

"I noticed!"

- Chaos and Guilmon, Book Seven: Chapter 42 Part One [1]