The Demons are a number of beings within the Dimensions universe which were created by Chaos and Harmony as an accident when the Angels were created. Like the Angels, the Demons were created as humans who reincarnated. The Demons have a strong urge to destroy the Angels and cause chaos.

Biological Characteristics Edit

Demons have a moral of sorts that tells the Demons to have to wreck destruction.

General Abilities Edit

Demons, Identities and Abilities Edit

First Demon of Destruction: Taiki Araki Edit

Ability: Destruction

Second Demon of Seduction: Chiyo Suzume Edit

Ability: Seduction, Fatal Attraction

Third Demon of Infiltration: Rayleigh Thompson Edit

Ability: Infiltration

Fourth Demon Edit

Ability: Unknown

Fifth Demon Edit

Ability: Unknown

Sixth Demon Edit

Ability: Unknown

Seventh Demon Edit

Ability: Unknown

Eighth Demon Edit

Ability: Unknown

Ninth Demon Edit

Ability: Unknown

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