Brief information
First appearance: Book Four
Tamer: Mari Flynn
Status: Alive
Attribute: Data
Level: Rookie
Family: Nature Spirits
Type: Beast Man digimon
Baby level: DarkReremon
In-training level: DarkViximon
Rookie level: DarkRenamon
Armour level 1: None
Armour level 2: None
Armour level 3: None
Champion level: Youkomon
Ultimate level 1: Doumon
Ultimate level 2: None
Mega level 1: Kuzuhamon
Mega level 2: None
Mega level 3: None
Other level: None

DarkRenamon is a Rookie level Digimon, and the Digimon partners of Mari Flynn.

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DarkRenamon is a bipedal fox-like Digimon with the appearance of a black coloured version of Renamon, albeit with red replacing purple in addition to that.

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