Dimensions, as a series, features a huge cast of characters, thanks in part to the length of saga, along with the combination of both Digidestined and Tamers in the same universe.

The characters in the fic fit into several groups, some people belonging to multiple groups simultaneously. They are therefore listed in both.

This list is correct as of the current progress in the books.

For Digital Watch's view on this, see Digital Watch.

For a list of character's birthdates in the Dimensions continuity, see List of birthdates.

Godly Beings Edit

Higher Entities Edit

Angels Edit

For more details, see Angels.

  • Sixth Angel of Spirit
  • Seventh Angel of Miracles
  • Eighth Angel of Love
  • Ninth Angel of Hope
  • Tenth Angel of Destiny - Rei 'Rey' Matsuki

Demons Edit

For more details, see Demons.

Tamers Edit

Shinjuku Tamers and Digimon Edit

Not all of these actually reside in Shinjuku. For example, Ryo resides in Kyushu, and Jeri resides in Shibuya. They are grouped this way for logical reasons.

Minato Tamers and Digimon (former Digidestined) Edit

As a note, Minato Ward is where the former Digidestined reside. Odaiba is only a portion of it. Again, not all of the Minato Tamers reside in Minato. Ken, for instance, resides in Tamachi. They are grouped this way for logical reasons.

Other Tamers Edit

These Tamers are located in the Tokyo area, but are not aligned with the main group.

Experimental Tamers Edit

These Tamers are part of the experiments at SDCO in New York under Project Replica:

Ryder's Tamers and Digimon Edit

Stratagems TamersEdit

Tamers (or those who could be Tamers) who appear in Stratagems:


These are characters related to the Tamers (or otherwise important) who are not actually in possession of a Digimon.

Families Edit

Families with more than one named (and linked) member are listed.

Matsuki-Nonaka Family Edit

Wong Family Edit

Katou Family Edit

Terada Family Edit

Kamiya Family Edit

Ishida-Takaishi Family Edit

Government and Associated Bodies Edit

Japanese Government Officials Edit

Current Hypnos Personel and Monster Makers Edit

See Hypnos and Monster Makers for more details.

Special Forces Group (SFGp) (part of Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces) Edit

Digital Activity Control Squad (Disbanded) Edit

Special Digital Control Organisation (SDCO) (US) Edit

Digital Analysis and Control Executive (DACE) (UK) Edit

Other significant characters Edit

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