Dimensions Book Eight: Parallels
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Brief information
Published: TBA 2010
Completed: N/A
Status: Not yet started
Type: Core book
Universe(s): Post-Cataclysm Universe
Primary characters: Not yet revealed.
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Dimensions Book Eight: Parallels will be the eighth book in the Dimensions series, set in 2012 through to 2016. It's Angels and Demons once again, but the odds are far more friendly for the Demons this time round, with our heroes still recovering from the heavy impacts of Book Seven. Mind games and attacks from all sides separate them, whilst one character finally heads home. But home turns out to be hostile, as enemies (and 'friends') lay in wait. A huge secret is revealed, one that threatens the real world with destruction, when it itself already seems to have plans to pursue that path.

But, as a sense of deja-vu begins to play on certain character's minds, events are set in motion that will lead to doom, and the chickens of the past come home to roost...

Life is never serial.

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Preceeded by: Dimensions Book Seven: Escapes
Succeeded by: Dimensions Book Nine: Sorrows

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