A friend and classmate of Jeri Katou's from school and a student of

Nami Asaji, Ayaka has a long-lived rivalry/friendship with Kazu. She spends most of their interactions trying to deflate his oversized ego, but she demonstrates that she does care about his feelings after the death of Chiyo Suzume.

In Book Seven, she and her friend, Miki Nakajima, accompany Kazu, Kenta, and their partners to the park when the tamers are forced to flee because of accusations that Rika murdered the Prime Minister. When they were ambushed in the park, she and the others escaped to the Digital World. Unfortunately, the large group of tamers, digimon, family, and friends was divided in half. Eventually, her portion of the group ended up in Bolton. While there, she and Kazu managed to express their true feelings well enough to spark off a rather sweet (if odd) romantic relationship, their actions mirrored in the relationship formed by Kenta and Miki. Unfortunately, the moment was cut short when, in an attempt to boost a signal to contact anyone, Ayaka nearly fell to her death. In rescuing her, Kazu managed to break the perpetual energy device that provided power for the entire village, including communications and the protection around the area that kept aggressive digimon at bay. Even when that crisis was under control, the truth about Chiyo's death (that it was caused by the tamers instead of a wild digimon) and that Kazu hadn't told her sparked off a angry reaction from Ayaka and Miki towards their new boyfriends and the tamers in general. The fact that something this important and horrible was hidden by the tamers was just too much and the two girls stormed out.